Our partner team

Each one fulfills a decisive role in their region, carrying out their work in complete harmony with our philosophy and business vision. Proven over time with success.

One of our goals is to be an extension of our client in China for the manufacture of their products.

What is the role of our partners?

Become the direct link with our client, deeply understanding their needs in to choose the most convenient operating platform according to their structure and projections.

Our partners manage the optimal knowledge of their own regions and China, to successfully execute the connection that once established must be carefully monitored to maintain operational quality.

Outstanding achievements

being part of the success of our clients

In 50 years, our portfolio is extensive, for this reason, we will show you just a few products and multinational clients, which allowed us to venture into more than 30 countries.

For us, each client is a teacher and all without distinction add value to what we are today, for this reason, we want to say thank you for allowing us to be part of your success.

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Kellogg's Certification

In 2006 certified by Kellogs as one of its suppliers suitable for handling full safety toys (all ages) according to the manual patented worldwide by this company, entering its exclusive group of suppliers of promotional toys worldwide.

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Pollo Campero Global Supplier

Main supplier of Pollo Campero for 9 years, for the management of 90% of its promotional programs in 12 countries and 8 states of the American union. On average per year for an estimated 300 franchises in the world.

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Key Account Provider Coca Cola

As a supplier of Pollo Campero we work on many important projects. Together with FEMSA México for C.A. and its key accounts, a similar situation with Pollo Campero.

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ESSO Provider Central America and the Caribbean

Joint venture with Miami Motivations, a company based in the United States, winner of the 1996/1999 contract for exclusivity as the sole supplier of promotional items and store and track uniforms for Esso Latin America, with more than 400 service stations for a period of 3 years, being TOYS, the person in charge of C.A. and the Caribbean with more than 400 service stations, and The Cathay Associates developed all of Latin America with more than 10,000 service stations.

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Joint Venture Commark Internacional

Strategic partner of the company Proever Plastic Metal in China (specialized assembly company) joint venture established and financed by the Taiwanese company Commark Company for the management of specialized projects aimed at the Chinese and Philippine markets for a period of 6 years. Jolibee, Telepizza.

All the information of our clients offered on this website is in the public domain, which consolidates our confidentiality policy.

The experience accumulated over the years represents an invaluable pillar in our operation to generate value in what we do.