More than 67 years adding value to international purchasing decisions

嘉 華 行. Cathay is translated to refer to traditional China, characterized by its philosophy and wisdom.

Our company

We are dedicated to the manufacture of products of all kinds.

Creation according to the specific requirements of our clients, we work in a systematic and optimal way, we seek to attract international investment. Our goal is to serve industry leaders by region in international markets.

We work in coordination with different factories and the respective authorities in charge of business development in the regions of China. We have the legal security provided by being based in Taiwan and China.

The equation is simple, the client provides the need for manufacturing, and we provide the capacity for creation.

The best evidence of our success

is the experience with world-class clients, in situations of multiple control, achieving their objectives in record times, this hand in hand with commitment, quality, confidentiality and good practices.