How we work?

We use 4 operating vehicles

as main platforms

Thanks to an efficient network of contacts, partners, and cooperation from local authorities to attract investment to the different regions of China.

Experience for more than 65 years allows us to have access to highly qualified human resources: technical, administrative, legal, quality control, negotiations, investors, among others. In addition to the correct choice of locations for infrastructure, machinery, and technology.

This system is very efficient for customers who already have a self-sufficient sales volume, allowing the assembly of a complete and exclusive manufacturing plant. Optimize times, prices, and quality, as well as the development of new products with absolute control of the operation. Some of our successful customers in the use of this operational vehicle are:

Outsourced factory with control of the plant and intervention of its own personnel at critical points of the operation. The essence of this system is to become an extension of our client within a plant, working as an intermediary and control of the operation. Some processes may involve selecting raw material suppliers, implementation of new processes, quality control, optimization of times, administration, specialized laboratories, private logistics management (confidential in shipment destinations), exclusivity control and legal protection (copyright).

At this point we must provide a guide, so that the factory produces under the objectives of the client. This implies the need to find suppliers with similar philosophies and infrastructure proportional to the type of client, our function being the interface between our client and the manufacturer for managing their purchases. Type of products: tools, fabrics, spare parts, household items, appliances, chemicals, electronics, clothing, footwear, furniture, toys, Christmas items, plastic, among others.

This platform works when our client buys products made in China that require printing of their logo, change of packaging, quality control, supervision at the time of shipment, control of shipping documents, consolidation of cargo to its destination, selection of shipping companies, control of warehouses etc. Cathay can find the right supplier under the standard of our work philosophy, with a very high success rate and with a select variety of additional services adding value to your decisions.