About us

History of

The Cathay Associates

It was founded in 1963, as one of the pioneering companies in opening China to the world. In 1970, exports to Europe, Japan and the United States of products manufactured in China and Taiwan.

Our founder, Mr. Michael Cheng, joined the American market in 1975, after associating with companies in the region for the management and representation of his products.

The contacts and relationships had to be very solid due to the distance. Culture and communications were the biggest challenges of that time, specifically for custom product manufacturing in rapidly growing markets.

Our vision was clear and defined:

“Connect China with the world through a philosophy of quality and integrity, fundamental elements to generate international trust.”

Today and for more than 67 years, The Cathay Associates has adapted to change and has solidified as a company, all this is the product of teamwork with high-level partners and clients.
- Sra. Jennifer Pien
Vice President

Experience in multiple countries

In 50 years, our product portfolio grew exponentially, which has allowed us a network of multinational clients, that allowed us to venture into more than 30 countries.

For us, each client is a teacher, and they add value to what we are today.

Our system

Our work premises are based on the experience of how to execute projects in the world of China. Facts we consider:

Search and control

Through the government and international fairs to specialized providers of particular interest to our clients, acting as intermediaries or representatives.

Warehouse and logistics

Warehousing, inventory management, cargo consolidation, exports and fiscal premises.

Hiring of verifiers

For specific controls and very defined technical aspects, we can represent our clients with testing and verification laboratories.

Staff Administration

Search for professionals dedicated to legal, technical, and administrative areas, the respective comptroller is a good tool for our clients.

Graphic design team

Development of the design or packaging of products according to the specifications and requirements of each client.


Through time we understood that our client is the best teacher, each one is unique and demands a high concentration on detail, for this reason we only work with the leaders of each industry.

Our growth is not based on a number but on the ability to become the strategic partner of our clients, for the manufacture of their products, generating value for their brands and businesses.